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Improved leisure areas

Dear All,

It has been a strange situation for all of us. As I mentioned in a previous post, Villa Panorama was 95% booked nearly a year in advance, and we have had to take a view regarding how we would deal with the situation this year, and how we would prepare for the future.

Even the frogs in the pond have a sense that something is not as it usually was... Despite this, we will share with you a few moments in the hope that it brings us all closer even if for just a few minutes...

As the various governments are keeping track of their own stats, I will share with you the situation that we have faced. We have so far refunded 14 groups at 100%, and agreed to move 3 groups to 2021. We hope that our flexibility and generosity was appreciated. These moments of hardship have also led us to understand that some "commercial partners" were in it more for their own commission and greed than anything else. We are going to review who we partner with, and realign ourselves with those who have behaved decently. It is hard enough for us to refund 100%, but when the partner takes our money and does not refund the guest at 100% taking excuses of "admin fees" and other non refundable expenses, it makes me feel very angry! Obviously, this will also push us towards booking more clients directly, avoiding them fees and keeping us both more in control of our relationship, should anything bad happen again.
Keeping positive, I wanted to share with you what we built over the winter. We had decided to build two mini golf lanes in an area of the bottom lawn which was not much used anyway.

This picture was taken in February. We will further improve this area a little bit more with pebbles and flowers to make it another hot spot among the many nice places of Villa Panorama.

I sense that this will be a nice relaxing spot for a late afternoon or early evening get together with friends and family while others are still maximising their swimming pool time.
We have also improved the leisure area below the pool, with the addition of a football table.

Last year, we had already made the best of this previously unused space by renovating it and installing a table tennis which you can see at the back. This makes another good space for a different type of entertainment and activities.

Although these spaces feel a bit empty and under-utilised at the moment, we hope that you will appreciate and enjoy them when you next come at Villa Panorama.

As you can see, every winter we try to improve our offer. By end of 2019, we had taken at heart to deliver more leisure activities and more dedicated areas to allow our guests to enjoy particularly good moments at the villa.
Thank you for your support. We are looking forward to meeting you all at Villa Panorama in the next few months / years.

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